Young Bird Sickness

Young Bird Sickness

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Trident 3 in 1

Trident 3 in 1, for the control of young bird sickness. Developed over four years and trialled on birds in the UK and Europe. New bio-tech  products enable us to control gut pH in pigeons. Using the latest encapsulated organic acids, we can, by controling gut pH, deny viruses and bacteria the low pH alkaline conditions they need to survive and cause disease. Betaine is also added to reduce stress and keep body tissues highly hydrated, again vitally important. NeoS is the final ingredient to detox liver, kidneys and body organs. Add to feedstuffs and/or clean drinking water.

Available in 500g heat-sealed poly bag.


Adenoplus for Young Bird Sickness

  • Designed to combat stress in racing pigeons including young bird sickness
  • Contains a blend of immunoglobulins to enhance gut immunity and selected crucifers - highly effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Easy to administer via the feed and palatable
  • One 50g tub sufficient to treat 40 birds

Adenoplus Caps

New Adenocaps capsules are an immunomodulatory treatment for the control and prevention of young bird sickness in pigeons.

Adenocaps consist of a synergistic blend of immunoglobulins and selected crusifers, designed to enhance the immune system, particularly in the gut.

  • Contains immunoglobulins and selected crucifers to enhance natural immunity to illness.
  • Capsule form for easy dosing
  • 100 capsules per tub - costs from as little as 40p per treatment.


At first signs of Young Bird Sickness - 1 capsule daily for 3-5 days.

During Stress Periods  

At Weaning - 1 capsule daily for 2 days.

Before/After vaccination - 1 capsule

Prior to basketing - 1 capsule

After training/racing - 1 capsule

Contains immungoglobulins 11.25mg/capsule and crusifers 238.75mg/capsule.

Adenocaps has been trialled for a peroid of more than two years in the north of England and Scotland. Fanciers have reported that whilst using the product on a regular basis, existing cases of Young Bird Sickness cleared very quickly and no new cases have been seen.