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Pest Control

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ID: PC 01
Falcon Deterrent Spray

Falcon Deterrent Spray In Pink

  • A pink aerosol spray that helps to cut down the number of falcon attacks.
  • Hawks find the pink circular spots unnatural and confusing.
  • Use in conjunction with your existing falcon deterrents.
  • Extensively used in Germany to help deter raptor strikes.
  • Spray a defensive mark on the outside and on the inside of the wing, with some fanciers also spraying a dot on the tail.
  • Best to spray using a circular template (approx 5cm diameter) from a distance of 10-15cm from the pigeon.
  • Wear gloves and overalls, as the spray can stain.
  • After spraying it is important that the pigeon does not come into contact with other birds, as the spray needs a little time to dry, this depends on the ambient temperature.
  • The colour lasts for approx 6 months.
  • Spray approx 1 in 10 birds.
  • Composite, colouring, adhesive agent, Isopropanol,
  • Expanding agent, propan/butan.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Not available for overseas shipping.

ID: PC02
Anti Hawk Balloon

This unique product helps keep Raptors (Hawks), Magpies, Herons and other predatory type birds away from your garden area and allows your garden birds to feed and nest in peace.

This product is widely used by racing pigeon fanciers to protect their racing pigeons. Through the recommendation of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds this balloon is also used to protect domestic garden areas, garden fish ponds (from Heron attacks), free range hens, etc., and many wildlife sanctuaries.

The balloon is made of strong vinyl with a startling eye pattern around the circumference. It can be simply inflated to about 22 inches in circumference and comes with a hanging thread and a streamer tail.

Fly and Wasp Destroyer

Probably the strongest Fly and Wasp spray available on the UK market. Simply direct the spray at the target and it will kill the pest in an instant. Many aerosols contain very little active ingredient and when used prove fairly ineffective, however with Insecto`s instant results customers are moving away from known brands to INSECTO.

Super Flea & Fly Bomb

A simple device that is deadly to insects. The INSECTO flea and fly bomb is an automatic release aerosol that once set off will clear a room of any problem pests from fleas, flies and moths to bedbugs and mosquitos. Most insects hide away from view and are difficult to control with hand sprays, however once the Insecto flea and fly bomb has been released it will penetrate all 'nooks and crannies' and kill all the insects in sight and those out of sight.

The INSECTO Flea and fly bomb is an innovative solution for the toughest pest problems. It is one of the best selling products into the professional UK pest control market. Always remove livestock / pigeons before use ( as harmful to birds and mammals ) and do not enter the loft / room for at  least 4 hours once the product has been used.

Insect Killing Powder

Organ-X Natural Insect Killing Powder ( Diatomaceous  Earth ) is a naturally derived formulation that is non-toxic and very effective in the control of crawling insects; including red mite, bed bugs, ants, fleas, spiders, as well as grain storage pests.

The power of nature has been harnessed in this bottle so that pests can be effectively controlled without using a toxic product. Organ-X Natural Insect Killing Powder is particularly effective in the control of red mites and bed bugs. The product is safe to use on and around the animals. For best results apply liberally to cracks, crevicies and along the run of insects or directly to the animal. Leave the powder undisturbed, however the unique properties for this formulation means that if the powder gets wet it will be just as effective when it becomes dry again.

  • Naturally Kills all Crawling Insects including Bed Bugs and Red Mite.
  • Kills all crawling insects
  • Effective within 24 hours
  • Ready to use puffer pack
  • Professional formulation
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Long residual action

Available in 500g bottles.

Natural Insect Killing Spray

Organ-X Natural Insect Killing Spray is a ready to use spray based on naturally sourced ingredients and is particularly effective against the control of all crawling insects including red mite and bed bugs. The spray has been specially manufactured for use in agricultural buildings and around the home. This product offers a natural and effective alternative and is safe to use around animals (not to be applied to animals directly). For best reults apply generously to problem areas, paying particular attention to corners, cracks and crevices. It can be applied to cages, feed troughs, egg conveyors, animal pens and nesting boxes as well as in domestic enviroments to control all crawling insects.

  • Naturally Kills all crawling Insects including; Bed Bugs and Red Mite
  • Kills all crawling insects including red mite and bed bugs
  • Ideal for use in agricultural housing and around the home
  • A natural alternative that will work where other treatments have failed
  • Long residual action.  

Available in 1 litre hand spray bottles.