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ID: A1
Falcon Deterrent Spray

Falcon Deterrent Spray In Pink

  • A pink aerosol spray that helps to cut down the number of falcon attacks.
  • Hawks find the pink circular spots unnatural and confusing.
  • Use in conjunction with your existing falcon deterrents.
  • Extensively used in Germany to help deter raptor strikes.
  • Spray a defensive mark on the outside and on the inside of the wing, with some fanciers also spraying a dot on the tail.
  • Best to spray using a circular template (approx 5cm diameter) from a distance of 10-15cm from the pigeon.
  • Wear gloves and overalls, as the spray can stain.
  • After spraying it is important that the pigeon does not come into contact with other birds, as the spray needs a little time to dry, this depends on the ambient temperature.
  • The colour lasts for approx 6 months.
  • Spray approx 1 in 10 birds.
  • Composite, colouring, adhesive agent, Isopropanol,
  • Expanding agent, propan/butan.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Not available for overseas shipping.

ID: AA01
  • Gerdon "1" is a complete supplement.
  • A liquid complex providing Essential materials and trace elements.
  • Anti-viral, anti-protozoal, anti-fungal, anti-bactirial.
  • Ministry approved - tried and tested.
  • Sterilises the drinking water preventing cross infection by most pathogens.
  • Contains agents to aid healthy respiration.
  • One capful to three pints of drinking water twice weekly, daily when infection is present.
  • Feed supplement.
  • Wash spillages with water.

Available in 500ml bottles.


ID: AA02
Gerdon Black Minerals

Gerdon black minerals are a blend of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. To be fed free access at the rate of 1 oz per 10 birds on a daily basis.

Available in 2kg bags.

Apple Cider Vinegar
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Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)  is a well known food supplement, water purifier and natural antibiotic, made from whole red sweet apples, rich in minerals and trace elements. It is a much a remedy as a food supplement.

Our Apple Cider Vinegar is non-pasterised so it is literally "alive", it contains akk the natural goodness and beneficial active enzymes known as "mother natures perfect food".

ACV contains acetic acid, an undissociated weak organic acid that acts by disrupting the energy, sustenace and transport systems of aggressive bacteria and microorganisms. Harmful organisms thrive in weakly acidic or mildly alkaline conditions.It supports natural body functions and is ideal for preventing illnesses. ACV contains Malic Acid, which improves the digestive process and stimulates the animals appetite by bufferingthe pH in the gut. ACV targets infections by purifiying the blood and allowing the animals natural defence system to fight back. ACV contains 19 minerals essential for maintenance, growth and repair in the body, it provides enzymes and important minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, chlorine, phosphorous, iron, silicon, sodium, fluorine and other trace minerals. In fact it contains 93 different components. The vitamins contained in ACV are bioflavonoids (vitamin P), betacarotene (precursor to vitamin C, E, B1, B2 and B6. Tannis from the crushed cell walls of fresh apples as well as malic acid, tartaric acid, propionic acid, acetic acid and pectin and other powerful nutrients which are very important in fighting body toxins, purifying the cells and ridding the body of poisons.

Add 5ml to 10ml per litre of drinking water & 15ml per litre of bathwater.


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ID: bcg
Cider Vinegar with Garlic

Poultry Cider Vinegar with Garlic maintains optimum health and vitality. A beneficial addition to the diet of all bird species. Helps maintain inner health and promotes food utilisation.

Add 20ml to each litre of drinking water.


ID: bps
Poultry Spice

Poultry Spice is a mineral supplement feed stuff which keeps birds healthy.

One teaspoonful to be given daily in the usual wet or dry mash for every 10 birds. In cold weather a little more powder may be given. Specially recommended for improving all round condition and performance. Acts as a nutritional supplement to help the birds get quickly over the moult. Invaluable for rearing poultry, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigeons and game birds. When feeding hard grain mix the corn with a wheatgerm type oil, then mix with Poultry Spice.


Crude Protein                 5%                Calcium                 24%

Crude Oils and Fats       2%                 Potassium             0.85%

Crude Firbe                    1%                  Magnesium          0.3%

Crude Ash                        66%

Nutritional additives: Iron - Fe Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate (E1) 1.25%

Available in 450g and 1.5kg tubs.


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Johnsons Tonic Gold
Image 1

A fine conditioner with iron and trace elements for superb health. Excellent when birds are racing, breeding and moulting.

Johnsons Pigeon Tonic Gold is a quick acting conditioner, rich in iron and mineral salts. Regular use helps to promote condition and top racing form. Also for use as a general conditioner for poultry. Contains various natural Iigredients including Sulphates of Sodium, Magnesium and Iron. Keep out of reach of children.

  • DOSE-Pigeons: 10ml (2 x 5ml spoons) into approx 2 litres (3 1/2 pints) drinking water once each week
  • Racing: Give once weekly through the season but not on the three days before racing.
  • Breeding: Give Tonic each week.
  • Moulting: At first signs give Tonic for three days, then once or twice weekly until moult ends.
  • Poor Condition: As a quick pick-me-up give Tonic on alternate days for a few days, then once or twice weekly.
  • Poultry: This Tonic is also subitable as a general conditioner for Chickens, Fowl, Turkeys, Ducks and Geese. Dose as for Pigeons above. Give twice weekly to maintain top condition or daily for poor condition.

Available in 500ml bottles.

Kilpatricks Black Minerals

Kilpatricks Iodised Black Minerals will help to control a bird from fielding and eliminate mineral deficiency. Contains charcoal, iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorous, sulphur, iodine and magnesium. Charcoal is necessary for pigeons as it is a great purifier, absorbing gases in the intestines, stimulating the digestive movements of the stomach, removing acidity of the crop (sour crop) and mucus. The birds requirements will vary depending on the amount of stress to which they are subject, ensure that the minerals are available at all times.

Available in 1kg bags.

This item is not available for overseas shipping.

Old Hand Sour Crop
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Old Hand Sour Crop conditioning tablets help settle the digestion and sweeten the crop fast. Suitable for all ages and essential in ''Young Bird Stresses'' soothing and speedily relieving the acidity that causes so much discomfort. Cancels the sourness and sweetens the breath when birds are suffering from crop problems.

Available in tubes of 25 tablets.

Old Hand, White Sesqui
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For over 60 years ''The Fanciers Friend'' has settled and soothed the multi-magnitude of problems that beset pigeons, under the heading of ''Going Light'' when a bird loses its lustrous sheen, balance, vigour, and weight in staggering fashion, and curls up in a corner. The pool of black-ish green sludge puddling under its feet tell a tale of ''something wrong'' that nobody seems able to pinpoint. White Sesqui soothes, settles and sweetens the digestion of the bird so that it is able to continue in its normal function, showing a remarkable recovery usually wthin 48 hours.

Available in tubs of 25 tablets.

Old Hand Fortified Calcium Concentrate
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This dietary supplement was formulated especially for nestlings, but proved so popular with fanciers racing to a hard and rigorous schedule that it developed into a 'must have' item in the preparation of birds being built up and maintained in top racing fitness. The product has many imitators but no equal!  Old Hand Fortified Calciun Concentrate is the "heart" of the famous "Golden Boost" feed supplement. A racing and breeding supplement. One dessertspoon per pigeon, per day or add to pinhead oatmeal to create your own Golden Boost (full instructions on the tub).

Available in 200g & 500g tubs.



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Old Hand Polyvene Tablets

Old Hand Polyvene Tablets are formulated to counter the deficiencies in so many modern crops that are grown in fields starved of organic nutrients. These deficiences create the conditions that cause Polyneuritis which gives rise to the collapse of the birds nervous system, falling over backwards, rigor and death. Rich in B Complex Vitamins they complete the needs of young and growing stock, and of birds subject to a demanding routine, racing, rearing etc.

Available in tubes of 25 tablets

Old Hand One Eyed Cold Tablets

Old Hand One Eyed Cold Tablets are used for One Eyed Cold in Racing and Show Pigeons. Give 2 tablets per day for 4 - 7 days for infected Pigeons, 1 tablet per day for other birds in loft. Contains Vitamin A.

Available in tubes of 25 tablets.

ID: OS01
Image 1

Osmonds Enviroboost (previously Enviroklenz) is an all natural acidotherapy product containing grape seed and organic acid. Used succesfully by many fanciers to help keep pigeons healthy and disease free.

Contains a blend of specific organic acids which help prevent illness by killing most diease producing organisms spread through drinking water e.g Salmonella, E.Coli, Canker, Cocci, Young Bird Sickness, Pigeon Pox Virus, Paramyxo Virus, Pneumonia and other disease carrying agents.

Other benefits: maximises intestinal health; improves moulting giving better quality feathering; drier droppings; keeps drinkers clean and algae free; safe, easy and economical to use.

Dilute 5ml of Enviroboost to 5 litre of clean drinking water.

Available in 1000ml bottles.

ID: OS05
Osmonds Seaweed Powder

Osmonds seaweed powder.Contains more natural elements than man could produce!

Available in 1kg tubs.

ID: OS06

Osmonds Wheatgerm Oil is a source of high levels of Vitamin E.

- Essential for breeding - to help improve fertility and fertilization

- Rich in Vitamins A and D3 - helps to improve the immune system.

- Great health restorer and conditioner

Use 2.5ml per kg of feed. 

ID: OS07
Young Bird Colostro-Boost

The must-have product for all pigeon breeders.

Young Bird Colostro-Boost is a specifically formulated colostrum, calcium and vitamin supplement to boost optimum growth and development of young birds and protect them from sickness and bacterial challenges.

Assists in strengthening the immune system alongside delivering a boost of vitamins & minerals to assist growth and development.

Fortified with calcium to ensure optimum levels for skeletal growth.

Also contains Nucleotides for optimum growth & performance.

Feeding Instructions

Feed 10g per 1kg corn and feed for 7 days before hatching and 14 days after hatching.

Can also be fed for a further 14-28 days after hatching.

Pronafit Pro-Smoke
Image 1

Pro-smoke tablets fight against all kinds of parasites like moths, gnats, lice etc by means of a smoke-bath. It also provides a positive effect by cleaning the bronchial tubes and helps to avoid related problems such as cold, sinusitis, bronchitis and dry & wet mucus. When a tablet is ignited the herbs emerge as a vapour.

Available in a tub that contains of 3 tablets.

Vanodine V18
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Broad spectrum kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.Cleans and disinfects in one operation.Specially formulated to clean and sterilise equipment - Hoppers, drinkers, hatcheries, benches, utensils.When added to drinking water aids sterilisation.

Drinking water sterilisation, half capful to 6 litres.

General disinfectant dilution, two and a half capfuls to 5 litres of water.

Available in 1000ml bottles.



ID: verm
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Verm-X is a 100% herbal liquid for the natural control of internal parasites. A powerful and effective blend of 11 herbs that provide a formulation specifically designed to control internal parasites and promote general well-being. Add to the drinking water for 6 days.

Available in a 500ml bottle.