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The use of Gemthepax during the year is strongly recommened, especially during breeding and racing. It has been specially developed and carefully controlled to have a specific positive effect on the benificial gut micro flora by providing essensial nutrients in a highly bioavailable form. Independant studies carried out in several laboratories (including the world famous ' Institute de pasteur in Paris') have shown that Gemthepax is able to stimulate these beneficial species. Other independant studies carried out show that Gemthepax can stimulate and protect the beneficial gut cro-flora even during antibiotic therapy. Always use Gemthepax is ever the loft requires the use of the antibiotics. Gemthepax is produced using a patented process to ensure a consistent product wuth high Bioactivity Coefficient. It is also backed by an extensive European research program. It can be seen therefore that the pedigree of Gemthepax is second to none, but we all know that pedigrees are the only pieces of paper.

Specially developed and carefully controlled probiotic that has a beneficial effect on the gut microflora, which are naturally present in the pigeon''s gut. 5ml to 1 litre of water or 5ml to 1kg of corn.

Available in 500ml & 1000ml bottles.


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Strike 2
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Totally natural product with no side affects. Strike may be used when a pigeon is experiencing strong challenges from coccidia, salmonella and rotavirus. Routine administration of strike will help prevent the micro-organisms from developing populations large enough to influence the pigeons health.

Has now been added a prebiotic, natural sugars called Fructooligosaccharides. These sugars are resident to digestion by the bird but are used exclusively by specific probiotic organisms (those included in Strike II ) allowing them to complete wth and thereby excluding disease-producing bacteria in the intestines. Research has shown that these sugars can improve the probiotic effect within the birds gut by 2-4 times.

Also added is the very important amini acid L-Glutamine a major source of cell energy; it carries nitrogen in the body tissue. It also helps preserve muscle mass during trauma. In addition Glutamine stimulates the immune system and promotes maintence an repair of the gastro-intestinal tract.

When would you as a Pigeon fancier use Strike II? Weekly at least once or twice to keep the pigeon gut in optimal condition. If the birds droppings become loose, which all lofts suffer from various at times of the year, usually when the birds are under some kind of stress. Breeding, ill health and of course racing are some of the times stress can become a real problem. During this time Strike II comes into play.At the first sign of problems reach for Strike II

Available in 100gram, 200gram & 500gram tubs.


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Trikanox represents a significant step forward in pigeon healthcare and provides fanciers with a totally natural product containing three powerful active ingredients which work together to boost the pigeons defences against diseases. Two of these properties have been shown by independant research to exhibit anti-protozoal and anti-fungal properties.


Active Component 1 - Mixed Alkaloids:

The first component of trixanox is a mixture of plant Alkaloids with the dominant one being Berberine, which has been scientifically proven to have extensive activity in preventing the growth of many micro-organisms including protozoa such as Trichomonas.

Active component 2 - Allicin:

The seconda active component of Trikanox is allicin. This non antibiotic sulphur containing plant ingredient is now recognised as having a dramatic inhibitory effect on a wide range of micro-organisms including protozoa.

Active Component 3 - Echinacosides:

The plant family Echinacosides has long been associated with beneficial effects on the immune system. Scientific evidence is now showing that certain components within the plant are largely responsible for these effects. The end result is that the Echinacosides can boost the pigeons normal defence mechanisms.


An effective herbal remedy with anti-protozoal and anti-fungal propoties. Contains echinacea which improves the birds immune system. Use before breeding and racing and for three days each month during racing.

Available in 100gram & 200gram tubs.


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A powerful high energy tonic containing a complex mix of absorbable iodine's, active iron, cobalt, sodium molybdate and pure Vitamin B12. All carried on a high energy base.

Impact helps:

  • Natural resistance
  • Thyroid gland function
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Purges the blood
  • Produces pink clean skin
  • Birds seem to blow up


We recommend that fanciers use Impact twice a week during racing and three days a week to birds that are about to be paired up. Use at least once a week in the stock loft throughout the year.


Available in 250ml bottle.

Flight fuel
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Flight Fuel is unique in providing the most important multiple co-factors which are essential to the maximum release of sustained power in the racing pigeons. Flight Fuel contains five essential co-factors to the "energy pathway". Each of these act almost like "spark plugs" along the energy chain, ensuring it keeps moving at an optimum rate. It would be very often pointless to try to improve energy efficiency and hence performance by targeting one particular point in the chain, as all that will happen is that an additional deficiency somewhere else in the chain will then become the limiting factor.

Flight Fuel targets all major points along the energy chain.

'The racing supplement' containing L-Carnitine, Cog-10 Ginseng and B-group vitamins. Unique in providing the most important multiple co-factors essential in the release of sustained energy.

Available in 300gram tubs.

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A completely natural product designed to assist in the relief of respiratory problems. Helps to maintain nasal passages & airways to their full potential during racing. Contains White horehound, Elecampane root, Pleurisy root, Vitamin B12 and Grape Seed Extract.

10ml per litre of water.

Available in 300ml bottle.

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Complete combination of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, grits (hard & soft including redstone), clay blocks, pink mineral powder, brewers yeast & conditioning seeds. Everything your birds need in one tub. Give them a small pot each day, it will not stay in the pot long as the birds love it. They seem to know just how good it is for them.

Available in 5kg tub.

This item is not available for overseas shipping.

Oregano & Garlic Oil

A blend of oregano and garlic oil that benefit all birds, they cleanse & replenish the birds gut, help strengthen the immune system and are both natural antibiotics. They are anti-microbial, antiseptic, antiviral and are known to have positive effect against yeast infections. Also contains Omega 3, 6 & 9 and a rich source of Vitamin E. Add 2ml per kilo of corn.

Available in 500ml bottles.

Aqua Guard
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A natural water sanitiser that is based on a specific blend of organic acids which decontaminates drinking water. It protects the water from the yeast's, viruses, bacteria and fungi, and unlike chemical sanitisers which birds shy away from because of the smell and taste, our product usually makes the water more palatable to the bird so they readily accept it in the drinkers.


Organic water sanitiser with added aniseed for a sweeter taste. Many problems pigeons suffer from each year, (especially YB`s) are caused by individual birds contaminating the communal drinker and infecting the whole loft. Aqua Guard helps to improve the health of the pigeon and protects the water from fungi, bacteria, viruses and yeast. Add 5ml to 2.5ltrs of water.

Available in 500ml bottles.


A combination of top class vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes in a water soluble form, all of which are essential for birds throughout the year, especially during periods of racing and ill health.

Simple to use just add one scoop to each litre of the birds drinking water once or twice per week, or for three days after an illness.

Available in 100g tubs.