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ID: BK 01
Pigeons For Everyone
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In this comprehensive work he offers to share his experiences with fanciers, novices and people considering making a start in this wonderful and worthwhile hobby. Virtually every aspect of pigeon keeping is covered. Includes: Colour section illustrating different breeds and a special feature on eyesign. Probably the most extensive book on pigeons to be written in recent years. Note: this book is not just for the racing men, it covers pigeons in general including fancy. Hardback

By Doug McClary

ID: BK16
Popular Fancy Pigeons

Popular Fancy Pigeons covers some of the varieties which have been kept quite widely, many of which have been bred by the author. Also chapters on breeding, feeding, housing, shows & showing and ailments. Softcover, 124 pages.

By Joseph Batty


ID: BK20
Pigeon Showing
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A used copy of "Pigeon Showing" in good condition. Now out of print Chapters on,

  • Making a start
  • Housing of show pigeons
  • Accessories for the show loft
  • Entering shows
  • Attending shows
  • A showing record
  • Food & methods of feeding the show team
  • Show condition: General management
  • Selection of breeding pairs
  • Breeding for the show team
  • Judges and judging: Some observations
  • Judging pigeons: Practical considerations
  • The showmans year

By Douglas McClary.  Hardback, 159 pages.


ID: BK24
The Nun Pigeon & Pigeon Management

Nun pigeons are fancy pigeons of ancient origin, which are kept as a hobby and for showing. This book defines and explains them. Chapters include Nature Of The Nun, British Nun Club, Standards, Accommodation, Feeding, Breeding & Management and shows. Hardback, 128 pages.

By Joseph Batty

ID: BK26
Fancy Pigeons

Used copy of Fancy Pigeons by Aad Rijs.     

Chapters on the following subjects,

  • Keeping Pigeons
  • Housing
  • Purchasing
  • Food and Drink
  • Preventing disease
  • Illnesses, vermin and parasites
  • Breeding
  • Fancing Pigeon breeds
  • Flying Fancy Pigeons
  • Clubs
  • Important addresses
  • Consulted sources, account of pictures and a word of thanks

128 pages

ID: BK34
Pigeon Racing Advanced Techniques

A used copy of " Pigeon Racing Advanced Techiques " by Jan Aerts. Contents include,

  • The Fancier, his qualifications for success and dependance on others
  • The selection of breeding stock
  • The breeding system
  • The enviroment
  • The Loft
  • Feeding
  • Racing Systems
  • The pigeon
  • Back from the race
  • How do our pigeons find their way home?
  • A look behind the scenes
  • And fiinally, a look at Fabry

Paperback, 189 pages.

ID: BK35
Racing Pigeons

A used copy of " Racing Pigeons " by Colin Osman. Contents include,


  • The Pigeon Itself
  • The Pigeons Year
  • Food and Feeding
  • The Pigeons Home
  • Breeding Winners
  • Preparing for the Races
  • Winning Systems
  • The Off Season
  • Officials and their work
  • Making a start

Paperback, 185 pages.

ID: BK37
The Memoirs of Piet DeWeerd

The Memoirs of Piet DeWeerd, featuring The Janssens or Arendonk " The name that became a legend " and other articles on,

  • Breeding Systems
  • The old secret is  - "common sense"
  • The basket and the experts eye
  • Janssen and other world famous strains
  • Winners on a production line
  • The Cattrijsse brothers, The Favorite Champions
  • Building up the strain
  • Three National Winners from one pair
  • Three categories of vitality
  • Anecdotes and opinions
  • Science and Practice agree with the Janssens

292 pages

ID: PLB20a
Pocket Loft Books

Our ever popular " Little Red " loft book. Space for 60 pairs, pocket size.


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Loft Register

A4 size pages, space for 50 pairs.

Pedigree Book

Pedigree books, 25 pages.


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