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Platteeuw Triple Pack

Platteeuw Triple Pack includes one each of the Platteeuw "Yellow Drops", "Eye Drops" and "Yellow Crystals".

Platteeuw Eye Drops

The Secret of Belgian pigeon racing success..

Apply 1 drop in each eye.

Feedback from customers who have purchased is all positive ~ with most noticing a significant improvement

to the overall health of the birds.

Helps to keep the birds eyes clear and infection free.

Platteeuw Yellow Crystals

Secret of Belgian Pigeon Racing successes .. Platteeuw Yellow Drops and Platteeuw Yellow Crystals created by Kurt & Raf Platteeuw, winner of 3 ~ 1st Nationals..

Feedback from the customers is all positive ~ with many noticing a significant improvement to the overall health of the birds.

Clears the head, and nose of any mucus.

How to use: ~ Apply inside on the roof of the mouth, wait 5 minutes and then clear head with cotton buds.

Platteeuw Yellow Drops

During Breeding: Protect your breeding pairs from tricho or canker to produce healthy youngsters - remember if your breeders have canker, it will pass to the eggs and onto the youngsters!

During Moulting: The moulting season is a time when the birds are most vulnerable to illness - keep them healthy with the Platteeuw Yellow Drops.

Dosage: Apply the drops in the nostrill 1 drop per pigeon weekly - all year round or : Add a few drops to the corn, mixing after each application, untill the corn is lightly and evenly coated. Approximately 300 doses per bottle.