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ID: DVD 15
Bill Ishmael

A name forever linked to the history of pigeon racing in Great Britain is the Kenyon Black Pieds.

Bill Ishmael's family have kept this strain from the very beginning and flown long distance very successfully all his life.

Spend 90 minutes with this gentleman of the spot as he explains the methods that have kept him at the top and hear first hand how he gets the best out of this strain.

Duration: Approx 90 Minutes

ID: DVD 16
Frank Perry

With only a very small loft and garden Frank Perry is an outstanding long distance flyer nationally and internationally keeping pigeons all his life. He has flown very successfully with many achievements on both the north and south road.

In this film he explains his methods breeding, training and racing with only a very select team of pigeons.


Duration: Approx 60 Minutes

ID: DVD 17
R & B Smith

R & B Smith have been partners since 1971 following the death of their father. Since their childhood livestock was always an important part of their lives. It was no surprise when racing pigeons came along that they were naturals and quickly established themselves on the national scene. From the first race to the last Bob and Brians names can be seen at the top of the final race results. Keen members of the Lancashire Social Circle along with other top business entrepreneurs all of course pigeon men they strive to improve the image and standing of this great sport. Enjoy over a hundered minutes of sound information from their vast experience which can only educate those who wish to learn and improve.

Duration: Approx 118 minutes

ID: DVD 18
Mark Gilbert

Although only a young man Mark Gilbery has already established himself as one of Britains top international flyers.

His many successes include winning an outstanding 1st NFC and 1st International Dax against the very best European pigeon fanciers.

In this film Mark talks frankly of his life with racing pigeons. He explains his family of pigeon, his methods and ideas which help his winning team.

Duration: Approx 90 Minutes

ID: DVD 19
R J Goddard & Son

One of the most consistent flyers in Great Britain, with only a small team of racing pigeons is David Goddard of Reading. Others can only dream of the success which he has achieved at the longest races and he is admired by all long distance fanciers. Winning numerous positions in the top 20 places of the British Barcelona Club over many years.

In this film we join flyer Paul Woolliss of Grimsby as he visits Davids lofts in early spring.

Duration : Approx 85 Minutes

ID: DVD 21
Frank and George Bristow

With a lifetime experience of pigeon racing Frank Bristow is one of Britains outstanding flyers. Winning from every race point on the north road including Lerwick. In 2007 Frank also started flying South Road and has swept all before him with outstanding success in the Midland National and local Federations. To crown 2012, Frank won the John Tranter loft nomination in Her Majesty the Queens Diamond Jubilee races run nationally - winning a superb Tranter Loft.

In this film Frank tells Richard Green his methods and thoughts on how he manages to win from the first race to the longest race during the racing season. Frank is one of this sports Gentlemen who has set the standard for every fancier to try and achieve.

Subjects covered in this film are : Breeding, racing methods, training, sexing young birds in the nest, loft management, feeding methods and much more.

The producer would like to thank to Frank, Sue and Gerge Bristow for all their support.

Special thanks to Richard Green.

Duration : 97 Minutes

ID: DVD 24
A Year with the British Barcelona Club

The British Barcelona Club was formed in 1964 with the aim of promoting long distance pigeon racing. Today it is regarded as the ultimate challenge for pigeon fanciers in Great Britain. No member flies less than 450 miles some with distances of 1,000 miles.

This years Barcelona race was part of the International organised for all European fanciers.

So enjoy the seasons activites and the seven races of this great club including a visit to each of the race winners.

Duration: approx 90 minutes

ID: V01
Untouchable from Barcelona. DVD
Image 1

On 4th July John Halstead won 1st National from Barcelona, 696 miles, with a fantastic Blue Pied Cock called ''Untouchable'' This pigeon was almost 2 hours clear of the next British entrant and finished 264th in the International Barcelona race with 27,669 pigeons competing. This is the story of how this remarkable pigeon was selected, trained, conditioned and motivated for the most prestigious pigeon race in Europe today. This DVD runs for 87 minutes and includes information on making the maximum use of -

  • The pigeon food and feed supplements
  • Peanuts, tonics and medicine
  • The perfect loft environment
  • The widowhood system and the hens
  • Preperation races and time on the wing
  • Regular daily exercise

By John Halstead

ID: V01a
Breeding, Feeding and Tactics to Win Races. DVD

John Halstead is well known for his previous dvd / video releases which include Racing Young Birds on the Darkness System, The Magic of Roundabout and Going the Distance; and for his successful racing performances which now stand at 4 x 1st National and 4 x 2nd National in the last 7 seasons.

Running time for this brand new dvd production is 103 minutes.

  • It contains advice on matching pigeons, pairing dates, selection and other breeding tips.
  • It shows feeding for breeding, moulting and racing.
  • It gives information on products for maintaining healthy youngsters.
  • It offers tips on loft improvements, ventilation and shows the benefit of an aviary.
  • It covers sexing pigeons using the 'Toe Theory'
  • It shows how John's September National winner was prepared.

ID: V02
Hints, Tips and Advice. DVD
Image 1

In 100 minutes this informative DVD covers loft design and ventilation, stock selection, motivation, training, health problems and supplementary feeding. For the fancier who wants to gather a basic range of pigeon knowledge quickly.

By John Halstead.

ID: V07
Better Breeding. DVD
Image 1

This DVD runs for 83 mintues and explains in detail all the most important aspects of breeding. Answering questions such as, should you use cross breeding, inbreeding, line breeding, or the Bull system? What date should you pair up and what treatmeant will benefit your birds before pairing? It recommends the starting point to base your breeding foundations and offers advice on creating your own family. It simplifies and explains about genetics in pigeons, also egg formation and fertilisation. It shows how to still and sex the eggs, and advises on feeding and the supplements essential for rearing strong youngsters. It takes you through all the important stages of breeding from coupling those reluctant birds, to weaning and recommendations on improvements before the next breeding season.

By John Halstead

ID: V07b
Widowhood Explained and Preparing Pigeons To Win Races. DVD
Image 1

Widowhood Explained

  • The loft and ventilation, pairing, exercise and training.
  • Feeding, widowhood hens, pre-race basketing procedure
  • Before race birds return, supplements, the moult, decisions at the seansons end.

Preparing Pigeons To Win Races

  • Early seaon preparation and training
  • The seaon for the dorset dart
  • A feeding programme for widowhood, and water additives
  • Young birds - feeding, training, and motivation

Total Running Time : Approx, 127 Minutes

Produced by : Mr. J.P Halstead

ID: V08
Racing Hens & The Magic of Roundabout, DVD
Image 1

This DVD runs for 115 minutes and covers in detail the Roundabout System of racing. Why not make more use of those good hens you probably have in your loft? Cocks and hens can be raced each week using this method.

The main points covered in depth in this new DVD are..

  • The loft required for operating the Roundabout system.
  • The complete daily Roundabout routine.
  • Improving fitness and condition of the birds  in early season.
  • Feeding, training, and all round management.
  • Specific day by day race preparation.
  • Pre-race basketing procedure.
  • Suggested useful variations to the basic Roundabout system.
  • The Rivalry Method.
  • Pigeon Pox.
  • Racing Youngsters.


By John Halstead

ID: V09
Going The Distance. DVD
Image 1

Going The Distance, by John Halstead. This brand new DVD has been compiled to show fanciers the successful methods and daily routine he has used to achieve terrific performances in some of the most prestigious long distance races in the pigeon calendar, even with a small team of pigeons.

Includes information on,

  • The racing and widowhood hen lofts.
  • Preparation for the new season.
  • Pairing Dates.
  • Canker Treatment.
  • Exercise, training and improving fitness in early season.
  • The widowhood routine.
  • The pigeon food and water additives.
  • Using the natural system from June.
  • Preparing birds for longer races.
  • Feeding for the long distance.

Approximate running time 90 minutes.

ID: V10
A Decade of Darkness DVD
Image 1

A Decade Of Darkness, by John Halstead.

Offers detailed information on,

  • The advantages of the darkness system.
  • The lofts and ventilation.
  • Pairing dates.
  • The times to darken the lofts.
  • Exactly when to cease darkening.
  • Feeding throughout the year.
  • Motivation and training the youngsters.
  • Operating `reverse thrust` if required.
  • The moult, what to do and what to expect.
  • Racing young birds on the darkness system.

The DVD clearly explains the effective use of the darkness system for fantastic young bird results. Approximate running time of 90 minutes.

ID: V10a
Wonderful Widowhood, DVD
Image 1

Wonderful Widowhood with John Halstead. In this DVD John shows from A-Z exactly how to operate the Widowhood System. It explains all the important aspects of flying widowhood. Includes information on,

  • Lofts and ventilation.
  • Widowhood hens.
  • Pairing dates.
  • Early season exercise and training.
  • Showing of the hens.
  • Exactly what, when and how to feed.
  • Period towards end of the season.


Total Running Time: Approx 82 Minutes.


ID: V11
Show Time. DVD
Image 1

This DVD includes footage of shots in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, England and Ireland.

  • Brief historical overview starting with the Columbia Livia Spannish Pouters (Buchones) in action in Malaga
  • Standards of Pouters - Form pigeons - Wattle pigeons - Poultry pigeons - Trumpeter pigeons - Colour pigeons - Owl pigeons - Structure pigeons - Tumblers & High Flyers (Tumblers and rollers in action)
  • Construction of lofts : How? Why? Where? Etc.
  • Breeding systems : How to breed successfully?
  • Preperation and make-up before exhibition.
  • Feeds : How important?
  • Pigmentation - Feather structure - Physical build, etc.
  • Up-to-date feeding with the latest Immunity Concept!
  • What is extrusion?

Golden tips from top breeders from Belgium, Germany, Holland, England, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark and Saudi Arabia.

A prized documentary for any fancy pigeon breeder!

Produced by NV. Versele - Laga.

Running time 1h 28 min.

ID: V13
Keep them Healthy 2. Video
Image 1

16 Years after "Keep ''m Healthy". 2 Years of work! A professional masterpiece on video. With Armand Scheers. A professional documeantary on healthcare of racing pigeons, Armand Scheers interviewed by Richard Kirkbride and explained on an understandable fanciertalking way. Unique microscopic pictures, digital betacam TV, Broadcast quality.    Was £25.00, now £10.00. 


  • Prof. Dr. De Backer
  • The Ghent University
  • Dr. Lugwig Lens
  • Dr. Wim Boddaert
  • Dr. Johan Nys
  • Dr. Guy Werquin
  • Vet. Surgeon Lizzie Rigby

Directed by Armand Scheers. Running time 2h 30 min.