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Moor Gold

Moor Gold tonic liquid is an extract from the Pelloidic lowland moorlands of Central Europe.

It is a Herbal tonic used to normalise the metabolism, gives energy to lethargic racing & show pigeons,

also supports natural immunity. Suitable for a wide range of animals and birds.

Available in 1000ml bottles.

ID: ST06

A must for the modern loft.

ROPADAIR from Ropapharm of Holland gives fanciers a high

economy way of ensuring the internal health of your birds.

Used widely on the continent, Ropadair contains oregano oil.

At times of challenge use Ropadair to cleanse the gut.

In our trials fanciers regularly see an almost immediate difference when added to the water.

Use for 5 days then once a week. Usage rate 1ml to 1 litre of drinking water.

Available in 250ml bottles.



ID: STO01a
Stock Nutrition Magic
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Magic probiotic is a soluble formula of seven strains of live protected bacteria, which helps to maintain a healthy gut flora and digestive system. Stimulates the natural immunity. Helps prevent watery droppings and to re-establish the optimum natural gut flora, creating a natural barrier to harmful bacteria in the intestines.

100g makes up tp 1000 pints.

Available in 100 gram packets.


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ID: STO02a
Garlic Plus

Garlic Plus is a nutritional supplement which combines the qualities of garlic in a highly soluble and digestible form with an array of vitamins which potentiate the action of the garlic, also counters infection and may be used as a natural detoxicant. Add 2.5ml to 3 litres of water.

Available in 250ml bottles.

ID: STO03a
Stock Nutrition Clearway


For the maintenance of an excellent respiratory system.

Fanciers world-wide rely on weekly application of Clearway to their birds'

drinking water to maintain an excellent respiratory system, essential for peak flying performance.

Application: -

Make up a solution to the value of 5ml per pint of water and give daily for the first 5 days then once a week

Simply add 20ml to 4 pints of water.

Available in 250ml bottle.

ID: STO04a
Stock Nutrition Provit

A complete powdered nutritional supplement, for fine plumage sturdy growth and high fertility.

The well trusted combination of essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements, with added probiotics to aid digestion.

Used daily PROVIT will ensure your birds are receiving a balanced input of essential micronutrients.

PROVIT is an all year round supplement, highly recommended for the breeding season - for balanced growth of your young birds, throughout the racing season and during the moult.

One 700g bag is sufficient for 50 birds for one month. Now available in 4kg tubs.


Available in 700g bags and 4kg buckets.


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