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ID: STO01a
Stock Nutrition Magic
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Magic probiotic is a soluble formula of seven strains of live protected bacteria, which helps to maintain a healthy gut flora and digestive system. Stimulates the natural immunity. Helps prevent watery droppings and to re-establish the optimum natural gut flora, creating a natural barrier to harmful bacteria in the intestines.

50g makes up tp 500 pints.

Available in 50 & 100 gram packets.


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ID: STO02a
Garlic Plus

Garlic Plus is a nutritional supplement which combines the qualities of garlic in a highly soluble and digestible form with an array of vitamins which potentiate the action of the garlic, also counters infection and may be used as a natural detoxicant. Add 2.5ml to 3 litres of water.

Available in 250ml bottles.

ID: STO03a
Stock Nutrition Clearway

Clearway maintains an excellent respiary system. Simply add 20ml to 4 pints of water.

Available in 250ml bottle.

ID: STO04a
Stock Nutrition Provit

A complete powdered nutritional supplement - for fine plumage, sturdy growth and high fertility.

Available in 700g bags.