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Sivanol BVP

Belga- Vet Sivanol / Sliepsanol is a product containing no anti-biotics.

Helps maintain nasal passages in good condition. 100% natural.

• place a small portion of SLIEPSANOL on the spatula in the open beak.
• Hold the beak closed, massaging top of the throat with upward movements for 10 seconds.
• Place pigeon in the basket for 10 minutes.
• Take pigeon out of the basket, squeeze gently a few times on the nose, keep the nostrils squeezed, then remove any mucus that appears in the beak split of the open mouth by careful use of a cotton bud.
• Release the pigeon back into the loft.

Available in 40g tubs.

ID: BV13
Redbeet BVP

For endurance and performance.

Based on pure red beetroot. Promotes the best condition in a natural way - supports natural resistance against disease - gives more oxygen.
3 teaspoons per 1 kg corn.

Racing season: 3 days per week.
Young pigeons: from weaning 1 day per week.

Available in 400g tubs.

ID: BV15
Speedy-Elexir BVP

Essential pre-race boost. Extract of honey and herbs developed especially to enhance the performance as a boost.
Use the full pipette (incorporated in lid) to administer into the beak on basketing.

Available in 50ml bottles.

ID: BV16
Total Recovery BVP

Total Recovery - One tablet on return from races or training.

To ensure an optimal and fast recovery after training and racing.
TOTAL RECOVERY BVP contains the right quantity of amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals needed for more strength and a longer endurance of the muscles.
The whey isolate and concentrated whey protein maximizes the protein synthesis.

1 capsule directly in the beak at arrival - 1 or 2 days depends on the difficulty of the flight and recovery of the pigeon.

Available in 250 capsule tubs.

ID: BV20

The famous 'physical tonic'.

This best selling product is our No. 1 conditioning product.

How to Prepare:
Empty the contents of the Gentaline bottle into a clean 1 litre bottle and fill with 1/2 litre of previously boiled, but cooled water. Once completely dissolved, add another 1/2 litre of previously boiled, but cooled water.

Mating: 3 weeks before mating, 3 teaspoon (15ml) of Gentaline solution into 1 litre of drinking water. Continue until sitting eggs.

Racing: 3 teaspoons (15ml) of Gentaline solution to 1 litre of drinking water on Sundays and Mondays

Moulting: 3 teaspoon (15ml) of Gentaline solution to 1 litre of drinking water throughout the moulting period.

Available in 5g bottles.


Argus BVP

Eye drops for “One Eyed Cold”.

This product is ideal for checking the respiratory tract. In healthy pigeons the eye drop
must immediately run away via the tear duct after application in the eye.
The blue colour should then be visible in the throat.

1 drop in each eye, on the day of basketing and on arrival home.

Available in 50ml bottles.

Biceptorax BVP

Amino-Acids - 100% natural - entirely digestible.

99% pure amino acids. High performance conditioner for distance birds.
Contains the complete range of natural amino acids (the buildings stone of
proteins). Entirely digestible.
Breeding: 3 times a week once birds are ringed : 5 g / 1 kg corn
Racing: 2 to 3 days a week at arrival : 5 g / 1 kg corn

Formula  per kg

  • Argininl 77gr
  • Lysin 60gr
  • Treonin 38gr
  • Valin 38gr
  • Methionin 11gr
  • Phenylain 49gr
  • Carnitin 14gr
  • Isoleucin 48gr
  • Leucin 80gr
  • Tryptophan 10gr
  • Histidin 27gr
  • Aspargin 104gr
  • Serin 51gr
  • Glutamin 185gr
  • Prolin 54grAlanin 42gr
  • Tyrosin 35gr
  • Glysin 14gr
  • Cystin 14gr


Available in 200g tubs.


Cerbival BVP
  • This instant active brewers yeast or "Live" yeast is a very high quality product. It only comes back to life when water is added.
  • Cerbival BVP increases resistance to fatigue.
  • Add 1 teaspoon + 2 teaspoons of luke warm water = for 1kg corn during 2 weeks cure.


Available in 250g tubs.

Eureka+Plus BVP

A speciality for pigeons rich of proteins. It improves the ability to adapt to the dark (very essential for long distances), improves the fat metabolism, more energy and better digestion.
Helps to build up strong muscles to obtain the very best performance from young birds.
Essential for maintaining good sight thanks to Taurine.

Add 5g of Eureka + Plus (and, for best results, 5 g of VEGETURAL) and 5g of Garlic to 1 kg of grain, moistened with PROPONEY-ROYAL or lemon juice.
For widows and young birds.

Available in 400g tubs.



Honister BVP

Flower pollen.
Natural amino-acids, gathered by honey bees.
Daily mix 1 teaspoon (5g) for 30 birds with the corn.

Available in 200g tubs.

Inovator BVP

Water soluble mixture of vitamins and amino acids.
Regular administration maintains top condition and helps improve resistance.
With whey protein.

Breeding: 3 times a week once birds are ringed - add 5 g to 1 kg corn
Racing: 2 to 3 days a week and on arrival from race - add 5 g to 1 kg corn

Available in 200g tubs.