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Caromix for Wet Droppings

Caromix is our premium blend of Carob Bean Powders, as used in human famine relief to beat stomach problems like diahorrea and aid digestive recovery after antibiotics in poorly babies in places like Africa. The same product can be used to help your birds achieve Good Gut condition and a healthy, active Gut Microflora. No more wet droppings and very much shorter recovery time following sickness, that is a promise. Caromix is also widely used with puppies and foals, piglets and calves. Add to feedstuffs. Comes in a 1kg Heat sealed poly bag.

Avicell B12+

Avicell N12+ was originally developed as AVICELL on the back of Red Cell a horse Vitamin Amino Acid and Iron tonic used by many pigeon racers but as a horse product it was not ideal for racing pigeons. We developed AVILCELL as a totally safe equivalent, this product proved very popular but we kept being asked to add in high levels of B12, the reuslts with this were just fantastic so now, we just make the one product. Avicell B12+. Add to foodstuffs and or to clean drinking water. Comes in a 1ltr plastic bottle.

Trident 3 in 1

NEW: Trident 3 in 1, Proven control of Young Bird Sickness in 2016 & 2017, developed over 4 years and trialled on birds in the UK and Europe this product has become another winner, new bio-tech products enable us to control gut pH in your pigeons. Using the latest encapulated organic acids, we can by controlling gut pH, deny viruses and bacteria the Alkalineconditions they need to survive and cause disease, Betaine is also added to reduce stress and keep body tissues highly hydrated, again vitally important, Neo-SUL is the final ingredient to detox liver, kidneys and body organs. Add to feedstuffs and or clean drinking water. Comes in 500gm Heat Sealed Poly Bag.

NEW: pH-antom

NEW: pH-antom, a blend of organic acids, trace elements and amino acids. Using this product on a routine daily basis will create a slightly acidic drinking water, promoting a healthy low gut and body pH to protect your birds from bacteria and viral disease attack whilst also keeping the birds gut micro-flora in perfect condition and aiding better digestion of feeds. A natural product developed to help manipulate body pH. Comes in 1ltr plastic Jerry Cans.