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ID: A01
Aviform Ultimate
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New Formula Aviform Ultimate 11 in 1 still provides 13 high potency vitamins to help ensure peak health, condition and performance, added DMG for improved stamina and recovery, essential oils for perfect feather condition and improved digestion, a Prebiotic to help prevent bad bug build up and utilisation of nutrients and Pigeonguard that helps prevent canker, cocci and worms, 

But now It also contains Electrolytes/Trace Elements to assist with recovery after racing, Amino Acids for even greater feather condition, Nucleotides to assist with cell production, growth and tissue repair.

These are just a few features that makes Aviform Ultimate 11in1 so special.


Specifically formulated for racing pigeons to provide;
•Optimum health.
•Top condition.
•Improved stamina.

•Increased performance.
•Faster recovery after racing.
•Enhanced natural immunity (paramyxo, yb sickness, loose droppings).
•Helps prevent protozoa and internal parasites (worms).
•Supports fertility.
•Powerful antioxidants boosts birds' natural defences.
•Increased utilisation of nutrients.

•Improved moulting with better feather condition.
• Increased immune support.

•Aids intestinal health and reduces risk of infection.
•Assists during stressful periods.
•Firmer droppings.
•Maintenance of essential gut flora.
• Compatible with almost all other pigeon products.
•Totally safe and effective.

•Detoxification of the system.
•Helps sanitise drinking water (eliminate harmful bacteria).
•Supplements level of Nucleotides depleted by illness, medication or stress.
•100% natural, safe and legal. Guaranteed Free of Banned Substances.
•The most complete single racing pigeon supplement available on the market.

Available in 1000ml & 2500ml bottles.

The buy one get one free offer is now available.


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ID: A08
Force 12 + DMG Booster
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Instantly bio available, high potency vitamin B12 variant, as a liquid nutritional supplement for administration prior to basketing.


  • Over 3 times the performance gains of standard vitamin B12.
  • The most effective vitamin B12 pre-race booster available anywhere.

No loss of activity, with almost complete utilisation (unlike standard B12 where 60-70% is expelled).



  • Improves performance
  • Promotes increased oxygen utilisation.
  • Improves metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates.
  • With an added extra boost of DMG for even greater performance and recovery.



  • Methylcobalmin (High Bio availability Vitamin B12)
  • Not to be confused with ordinary B12 products containing Cyanocobalamin.



  • Add 5ml per pint of drinking water 1 - 2 days prior to basketing. May be mixed with all other Aviform products.
  • 500ml = 10000 doses.



Available in 1000ml & 2500ml bottles.


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ID: A09
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High potency nutritional respiratory formula, which is one of the most economical and effective pigeon supplements currently available.



  • A single weekly measure maintaine a clear system, essential for peak performance.
  • Very effective.
  • 100% Natural.
  • No side effects.
  • Totally safe.
  • Use for 5 Days during respiratory problems.


  • Even healthy birds will look and fly better.
  • Reduces losses (especially during young bird racing)
  • Simple administration.
  • Very economical.


  • Peppermint Oil
  • Pine Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Origanum Oil
  • Hyssop
  • Copper Extract (as chelate)


Just add half a teaspoon to gallon of drinking water. Once weekly to maintain a clear respiratory system. Use for 5 consecutive days during respiratory infection.


Respiratory infections are a major cause of reduced stamina and performance in pigeons, especially during young bird racing.


Available in 500ml bottles.


ID: A10
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Unigue high spec soluble multivitamin combined with a special water sanitiser, suitable for all varieties of cage and aviary birds.

Peak health and condition, plus helps eliminate harmful bacteria from drink water, all from one economical product.

Available in 500ml bottles, which will make 1000 pints.

ID: A11
Calci-Boost HiD3 Calcium
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New Formula lasts 8 x longer and costs 80% less to use than it`s predecessor Calciform.
(Based on 1000ml)

Fully water soluble Calcium and with high levels of Vitamin D3, especially formulated for avian use when Calcium deficiency may be suspected or during breeding.

New formula CALCI-BOOST HiD3 will last 8 times longer than the old product, requiring from just 2.5ml (previously 20ml) per 2 litres of drinking water.


Calcium is the most important mineral required by birds. The hen requires a greater amount for egg formation and chicks need the Calcium for skeletal growth. 

Calcium deficiency is still one of the biggest problems in avian species with the shortage of usable calcium impacting egg laying and binding, hens unable to lay or breed and chicks with broken bones.


  • Specifically formulated for avian use.
  • The most economical high specification avian calcium supplement.
  • Essential for when calcium deficiency may be suspected or during breeding.
  • Maintains correct calcium levels.
  • Helps maximum oxygen uptake.
  • Aids recovery.
  • Assist optimal  performance
  • Increased immunity to illness
  • Fully water soluble.

Available in 1000ml bottles.

ID: A15


Introducing ERADI-MITE, a natural Red Mite Liquid for Racing Pigeons that’s meticulously researched and proven to be safe and non-toxic. Designed specifically for birds, ERADI-MITE prevents problems with mites, lice, and fleas, without the use of harmful chemicals or poisons.

Red mite infestations can cause a whole array of issues for your prized pigeons. Not only can they increase stress, but also negatively impact their performance and can contribute to the spread of infections.

By using ERADI-MITE Red Mite Liquid for Racing Pigeons as a preventive, especially during the warmer months, you can ensure that pesky parasites become uninterested in your pigeons. Thanks to its carefully formulated blend of aromatics, this natural feed makes your pigeons an environment that is simply undesirable to ectoparasites.

While ERADI-MITE was primarily formulated and researched for red mite prevention, it’s also been found to be effective against other external parasites. So, no matter what kind of unwelcome guests your pigeons may encounter, ERADI-MITE has got your feathered friends covered.

Say goodbye to stress, poor performance, and the risk of infections caused by mite infestations. Provide your racing pigeons with the protection they need to soar to new heights. Grab your supply of ERADI-MITE today and watch your champions thrive without the discomfort of those pesky ectoparasites!

Available in 100ml bottles.

ID: A16

Introducing Electroform Electrolytes for Racing Pigeons. This carefully formulated electrolyte blend provides essential hydration and replenishes vital minerals lost during physical exertion or stressful situations.

With Electroform, you can ensure your pigeons receive the optimum electrolyte balance they need for peak performance and overall well-being. The carefully selected blend of electrolytes in Electroform helps maintain proper hydration levels, promoting efficient muscle function and recovery.

Electroform is easy to administer, as it comes in a convenient powder form. Simply mix it with water as directed and offer it to your pigeons to ensure they receive the benefits of this essential electrolyte supplement. You can conveniently combine any Aviform products to tailor your pigeon’s needs and streamline their regime.

At Aviform, we take great pride in crafting our supplements with the utmost care and using only the finest ingredients available. Our products have gained the trust of top fanciers in over 40 countries, making us a sought-after choice among pigeon enthusiasts worldwide.

Give your pigeons the advantage they deserve with Electroform Electrolytes for Racing Pigeons. Proper hydration, balanced electrolytes, and enhanced performance are just a scoop away.

Available in 500g tubs,  ( 8000 doses ).